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Around the same time that I began addressing a number of the inquiries in my inbox from you guys, I stumbled upon Isaac Hindin-Miller’s website (via ManRepller, of course).

Before I go there, let me back up. For the longest time, E. Jean was my greatest source of advice on the whole spectrum of everyday life quandaries that seem to pile up incomphrensibly fast. sure, my friends and i dole out advice like freakin’ tic tacs, but nothing resonates quite like E.Jean…

Then, in walks Isaac.
Look. The advice given by your parents almost seamlessly goes in one ear and out the other. From friends, it’s bounced around your brain a couple of times here and there- but you do what you will with it. Sometimes, though, you just know this advice giver is someone to lean in a little closer to. E. Jean is a queen, but Isaac speaks the gospel and you must. listen. Same scenario as most, readers write- he drops bombs. He will never sugar coat a damn sentiment, but always gives your situation the benefit of the doubt. He seems very self aware, is concise with the message, and is very honest with the advice he gives. I really appreciate when someone will tell a girl that she’s compromising her self worth, or can give a homegirl insight in an angle that’s never been examined. He does it, always. As you can imagine, my friends and I text and g-chat each other quotes or links to some of the advice as we go through them. He updates quite regularly and we’re religious about scoping him out on our bloglovin’ rolls every morning. Check him out
fyi: yes- i’m half-doing this so you guys will stop asking me the hard hitting relationship questions and will start referring to this gent.

Here are a few that had some good gems, and are highly entertaining regardless:


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