Victory Sandwich Bar//Beeter Sandwich
– 7 of the 20 pictures i’ve instagrammed lately have most likely been captured at either of the two Victory locations in atlanta. B and I had our weekly Wednesdate at Victory a few weeks back. While we gossiped and told our deepest darkest secrets, we devoured the Beeter sandwich and sampled the new popcorn concoctions they’re slingin’ around the place. does NOT disappoint.
Victory/Paper PlaneVictory Sandwich Bar//PopcornAlso at Victory, my dear friend (and legally authorized representative) turned the ripe old age of 25 the other week. I was merely hours away from road tripping to camp, but couldn’t leave without squeezing my Ellyn and downing multiple cocktails. (Shining stars of the cocktail list: Paper Plane, Jack x Coke, and the Neutral Pleasure). For some reason, we all misread the Neutral Pleasure and were super confused when it came out. I, for one, ordered a Neutered Pleasure. Whatever. (Personally, that title is a goldmine)
VSB//Beeter VSB/PopcornSo glad a new Victory baby was birthed into a location much closer to my house. Now I have no excuse.

– Danskos. Well. I bought them.

-Lately I’ve been on a doughnut kick, no thanks to C. The Krispy Kreme on Ponce has a delicious conveyer belt of warm doughnuts that I can barely peel my body from.
Krispy KremeDecatur’s Revolution Doughnuts is a new personal favorite. From this box below, the Raspberry/Sprinkles was my favorite.

chocolate-chocolate, salted caramel, caramel bacon, raspberry sprinkle
chocolate-chocolate, salted caramel, caramel bacon, raspberry sprinkle

– a couple of weeks ago, C told me he was picking me up and only gave me 1 hint on our day’s activities: wear tennis shoes. because i am me, that resulted in me asking about 324,249,304,443 other questions…which he sweetly ignored.
about 40 minutes into our drive, we pulled up to Arabia Mountain.
it felt super sci-fi-ish when we first started hiking through it. Arabia Mountain has expansive land completely covered in granite, so it feels like you’re walking on the moon. We decided to stay off the trail and see where we ended up, which- i now realize- is how all horror films start. We turned out okay.

A bit into our hike, we got into the forest and heard the creek well before we saw it. regrettably, i have never ever been one to stop and “smell the roses” (i HATE that saying). i struggle always to “be here now”, but knew that this was one of those moments i should try to slow my roll for. right when we got to arabia mountain, we decided to go off the grid and turn our phones off for the afternoon, which helped keep us focused on the day. i took my phone out just once to snap this picture, because it was too perfect. we sat at the creek and it  felt uniquely calm and i decided that if i ever need to “zen out” and go to a happy place, it’s right here:

Arabia Mountain

– now that i’m done with camp and i can briefly chill, i’ve watched every season of Inside Amy Schumer and I feel like a better woman and a more well rounded human because of it. Katie and I are also staying very up to date on Teen Mom OG because WHY WOULDN’T WE.

– obligatory KH mention: get the profiteroles. i’d eat those for every meal if i could.

– as promised, i want to introduce you to the one of the most important men in my life (with 4 legs).
Turgismeet turgis “apple bottoms snugglesworth” mitchell.
he loves laser pointers and getting running starts to throw his body against the door (to catch flies, of course). we do NOT condone laser pointing for sport. you can catch him at The Palace 24/7 unless he’s nestled in a baby bjorn while his dad takes him to one of his marathon races.
* his father is making me explain that his birth name is Curtis. However, Turgis is more fitting and I’ve called him this so much that he now responds to it, so let’s let Turg decide.

now that camp is over, i’m able to give my free time back to folly- which is something i’ve missed tremendously. lots of fun things coming up in June, you best believe i’ll loop you in! hint: OINTB Marathon Party. It’s gonna get sooooooooooo weird in my household.

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