A while ago, a man come up to me and asked if I was an Atlantan. “I’m getting there”, I said. New to the city, he asked me for a list of some spots around the city to eat, hang out, see, be seen, all of the above. This guy reminded me so much of Anthony Bourdain. With a long-standing admiration (and serious crush) on Anthony, I wasn’t going to let his doppleganger down. I sat at the bar with him and typed onto his iPad an extensive list of Atlanta’s finest. I wrote it as if I were writing a bucket list for him, I assumed he’d consider my work of art “The Gospel”. At that moment, I felt incredibly proud to be able to spit out some of the most amazing places around Atlanta that I’m confident would impress and please him. This exercise reminded me that I haven’t update this page in a while.
So, here we are.

A lot has happened since I wrote up this ATLANTA page a couple of months ago. Scrolling through, I deleted a handful of spots and added way more. I took out the places that I’m not madly in love with and revamped it with some spots that are in my recent rotation. Here lies a massive list of all in Atlanta that I love, have loved, or want to love (there is an actual bucket list at the bottom).

I am always looking for new spots in Atlanta, so please drop a line if I’ve missed any good ones.



  • RIA’S BLUEBIRD it’s in no way a cafe or coffee shop, but it’s not anywhere where you’d wine and dine. just dine. hard. the pancakes are amazing and the New York Times agrees. you can get them topped with pecans, bananas, and/or chocolate chips. HOWEVER- my very favorite thing (thus far) is their skillet potatoes. i needed a moment to recollect myself. to add, it’s right next to GP Octane, so it’s fate.
  • RISE-N-DINE if you find yourself around Emory Village, this place is perfect. good coffee, great food, and the host is a personal fave.
  • CANDLER PARK MARKET they’re typically open 11AM-5PM. all you have to do is say those three words and i’m transfixed on getting there as fast as possible. tastiest food. the cali veg burger is my jam.
  • SUN IN MY BELLY cute brunch spot, tasty food. perfect eating for saturday afternoons.


  • OCTANE COFFEE + BAR (Grant Park) i’m here a lot. their coffee has pulled me through a lot of work loads. i wrote about this place here.
  • LITTLE TART BAKE SHOP considering that this is nestled inside the gp octane coffee + bar, i’m here (and eating here) a lot.
  • HENRY & JUNE this place is super close to my house and i can’t be more thankful- SUCH a great place to pop in for coffee and forward-thinking sartorial endeavors. grab a cup of coffee and hang for a bit. if you don’t leave with a huge girl crush on Camryn, start over. you’ve done it wrong.
  • DANCING GOATS COFFEE BAR you’ll find Rachel and me on the corner swing set all weekend long.

       WINE + DINE 

  • KIMBALL HOUSE  i affectionately refer to this as Kimball Home. this is definitely my go-to restaurant. amazing drinks and the guys that work there are some of the greatest people i’ve met in Atlanta. i’d visit Kimball House simply to hang out with William. and i have. he bops around tables and the bar, mingling with the drinkers and eaters and always has the funniest things to say. all their cocktails are unreal, as are their Sazeracs. i’d know, i think i had about four in a row.
  • EAT ME SPEAK ME I can’t say enough great things about it. Jarrett Stieber is a magician. Just go. I’ll end it there.
  • BAR TACO Brooke and I popped in here on one of our WeekDates and we vowed to have this be one of our new spots. Theres talk of a Bar Taco opening up in Inman Park, so this could be dangerous. The tacos are tiny but pack a bunch. Same with the drinks!
  • THE PAPER PLANE great cocktails, super cool bartenders. i’ve heard only great things about their food, but all i’ve gotten to sample here were their drinks. another excuse to get myself back there.
  • IBERIAN PIG i’m clearly drinking my way through Decatur at this point. the wine and charcuterie was nice! this place was lovely.
  • BOCCALUPO i REALLY dig this place. the open air spot in the back is the best in the summer, and the amazing cocktails really set the tone. I want to go back again and again.
  • OCTOPUS BAR ok. SUPER cool place. it opens at 10:30PM and has an awesome atmosphere. i have to get back there, there’s lots on the menu that I’m dying to try.
  • VICTORY SANDWICH BAR  the Jack and Coke slushie is everything i hoped it would be. the food is so well priced and insanely good. it’s actually so good that i think about it throughout the week as if i’m going through withdrawals. i might be. this is actually an addiction i think i’m okay with.
  • ST. CECILIA to me, this is home to a great atmosphere, great food (the hearth roasted octopus!!), and some of the cutest bartenders.
  • MILLER UNION C and I went here for dinner one night and had THE best time. It could have been the entire bottle of wine we split, but we were all smiles throughout the whole meal. The food was incredible, the appetizers were my absolute favorite. I’d definitely pop in again.
  • NO. 246 i can’t say enough kind things about this place. HUGE fan. check out my post on them here
  • LEONS FULL SERVICE when i pranced into Leon’s the first time, we had the coolest waiter who gave us free dessert…so clearly i left swooning. i’ve now become a familiar face at Leon’s, and can’t seem to stay away. ALWAYS a really fun time.
  • THE OPTIMIST i could eat here forever and ever. check out my post on them here
  • LA FONDA check out my post in them here
  • THE GENERAL MUIR this place gets so many accolades, its a little nuts. the matzoh ball soup takes me right back to my suva’s living room. brunch here, 100%.
  • BOOK HOUSE pays a homage to the show Twin Peaks, if you’re a fan. also, rachel will insist that you try the bone marrow (and the spicy bleu cheese chips!)!!
  • EMPIRE STATE SOUTH give the Circuit Hymn (bourbon, madeira, vanilla, orange and chocolate bitters) a try, and thank me after.


  • BANTAM PUB i’m ready to become a regular here.
  • ARGOSY– the boiled peanuts.
  • NONI’S
  • FLATIRON BAR get a seat on the patio and you’re set for the evening. perfect location.
  • SISTER LOUISA’S CHURCH you just have to witness it. if you’re looking for a night out with friends to be a religious experience, this place is your salvation. get your sinnin’ in quick.
  • TERMINAL WEST one of the more intimate venues in Atlanta. that’s always a good thing.
  • MASQUERADE all the amazing bands always come through Atlanta and make a pit stop at this personal favorite. the three stages are split between the three floors (1st floor: hell, 2nd: purgatory, 3rd: heaven). i have to say, i think hell is my favorite. who’s shocked?? anybody?
  • VESUVIUS don’t forget to check out the bookshelf.


  • ROOTS JUICES inside shops around lenox!
  • PECHAKUCHA incredible. when the next date comes out, stick it in your calendar. we are going.
  • JENI’S SPLENDID ICE CREAM the jeni’s spots i like are at KSM or on the west side, in that order. if you’re gonna offer me flavors like goat cheese with red cherries, sweet cream biscuits and peach jam, WHISKEY AND PECANS, sweet cream with molasses and peanuts, and toasted brioche with butter and black currant jam, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’M GONNA BE ALL UP IN YOUR GRILL every day. all day. all the time. i know we’ve just met, but i love you.
  • KROG STREET MARKET it’s like the epcot of these amazing spots in atlanta. you can get jeni’s ice cream before yalla’s falafel and round it out with a kouign amann from little tart. even then, you still have hop city beer to consume and a fiesta at superica to attend. theres still sushi and charcuterie to eat…oh god, it’s so good. its a brunch haven for sure, especially if your friends are hard to please. theres something for everyone.Gone and sorely missed:


  • BELLY GENERAL STORE I still drive by this establishment with so much  nostalgia, it’s bordering on overkill. What was one Belly is now a heinous whiskey bar that just looks like bar tar. I’m bitter. Their rosemary and everything bagels are unreal. It’s 100% worth working around their unconventional hours of operation. just make sure to get there before 1 pm— all those bagels will be long gone. also, beware of the banana/nutella panino. this seemed like the obvious choice, but the bread/banana to nutella ratio is VERY skewed and it looked like my lunch had pooped itself when i brought it to work. DELICIOUS but aesthetically overwhelming (and started some very uncouth rumors).

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