FOLLY: More things you didn’t need to know.

Memphis TN//Pearl– i can somehow always manage to fit an entire waffle cone of jeni’s ice cream into my body. one way or another, but not all at once. (actually, its just one way. only one way, my mouth). RIP, for now.
– if you don’t get a waffle cone, you’re missing the point.
– i start every weekday morning the same way: I immediately make my bed once I’ve gotten up, answer e-mails and read TheSkimm. Once at work, I update my day planner and fill in missing holes in my work planner
– of course i have a work planner, day planner, and google calendar. don’t worry, i scare me too.
– if your name is molly, i automatically like you. if you spell it with an I-E, i understand that wasn’t your call but i’m hesitant.
– i haven’t chewed any gum- in any capacity- since about 7:15pm on Sunday, April 5. I went cold turkey and haven’t looked back. coming from someone who chewed three packs a day, this is a big deal.
– sunday night dinners are my favorite lately because its back to back Eat Me Speak Me and BoozePig. (re: booze pig- get the buns.)
– a good porch.
– since sophomore year of high school, i’ve been a vegetarian. over the last few months i decided to become a “lazy vegetarian” (ie- i’ll eat pork face tacos if they look good enough). i’ve decided to find a happy medium and be a pescetarian. i can never give up octopus. i’ll never let go, jack.
– i’ve developed a really adorable muscle twitch over my right eye that i’ve deduced is related to my caffeine intake. (thanks, webmd) i don’t plan on lessening my caffeine intake, i just plan to get used to the twitch.
– i have this unexplainable desire to own and wear dansko clogs. i dont know why i find them so attractive, it’s like..why do you like chocolate? none of my friends will allow me to make this purchase, but it’s sitting in a number of my online shopping carts so WATCH ME. (and plz still talk to me when i clomp to dinner in them).
– if it didn’t cost $500.00 and require bi-monthly upkeep, i would have already dyed my hair absolutely platinum already. when else could i? i contemplate this every day.
– i recently just saw Ex Machina with C over the past week or so, and it was insane. i can’t stop recommending it. if you fell in love with Black Mirror (like we did), this is totally up your alley.
– ceviche is something i’ll never deprive myself of again.
– a good roof.
fancy free (this is all i’ve been requesting at restaurants lately).
– i have a best friend who was named Beef. Not at birth, but by me. if you look at our “friendship” on facebook its just cat videos and videos of babies with cute speech impediments.
– speaking of which: i’ve watched this youtube video well over 20 times. SOMEBODY GET THIS KID ON ELLEN.
– i don’t follow any kardashians but i’ve been caught scoping kim k’s instagram because north is the cutest.
– i actually give most people i love and care about ridiculous nicknames. like turd burglar (turd for short), poopy, beef, gaggle, londy, pam, dae, olgs, unis, and many more. how they let me call them this ridiculous nonsense is beyond me. if you guys don’t give me limits I WILL KEEP PUSHING.

I’m glad I could get this all off my chest. DON’T YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW?


When these questions roll in, every one of them is met with a little anxiety of how i’m going to tackle it. i assumed this was going to be a space where people asked mundane questions about diets and exercise and inquired about why i’m constantly shoving food in my mouth in my instagram feed. the questions about nail polish and “whats in your fridge” are obviously pretty simple for me to tackle. somewhere along the line, the questions (some completely anonymous, some not) got REAL REAL.

i typed, deleted, edited and re-edited the answer to question #1 about 10 times before sending it to friends to get their blessing. You guys never make this easy for me and i dig that. let’s jump in, shall we?

q. in your opinion, can you be friends with an ex? how/why not?
(excuse me while i pour a glass of wine for this one…)

a. in the perfect world, we’re all mature adults who can handle our emotions, relationships, and friendships in a stable and balanced way. we can end things cleanly, respectfully, and painlessly and wrap up our feelings in neat little bows when relationships end and flames go out. we can be chummy with all those people from our past. because that isn’t the world we live in, we have to ask ourselves the aforementioned question. relationships don’t always end the way we want them to…. sometimes relationships end that we don’t want to end. or they didn’t end on your terms. or the person wasn’t who you thought they were… or you weren’t. or it fizzled. or 10 trillion other things. in other words: it. gets. messy. so the “break up (or whatever)” happens and things are done. and you’re all like, “so thats…it? i can’t know you anymore? you can’t exist?”. and that’s loco because this was your PERSON. and then you tamper with the friend-zone and we find ourselves here.

who does know the correct answer to this? because i sure as hell don’t.
here’s the thing, here’s what i can tell you: it just depends. i’m into clean breaks, so this isn’t totally my bag. to be honest, i’ve tried the friend thing. we all have. i won’t get into the details of mine, but it really depends on the nature of the relationship, the respect you guys have for one another, the nature of the break up, and communication skills and probably many other things i’m too dense to consider. i’m a worry wart and i think you’re setting yourself up for a disaster, but let’s feel this one out a little bit. let’s try it on for size. no one needs the sugar coated response, that doesn’t do anyone any favors. i mean, sure. it could totally work and then everything is golden. it could also totally blow up in your face. post-break up is the most appropriate time to “steel yourself” and nurture your sweet emotions back to their default dispositions. becoming “friends” with this guy/girl is the antithesis of that–but maybe i’m pessimistic. i’m going to be blunt and honest and give you the advice i’d tell my friends. the people i care about the most. i’ll make a meek attempt at breaking this down…

briefly- you guys know i’m not a dating expert, right? none of this should be taken to any extreme literalization (is this a word yet?) of how to handle your relationships. this aint the gospel. it’s not even actual advice. you know what, just be aware. this is me trying to warn you. 

let me make this even clearer: i don’t know what i’m talking about here. 

– just don’t jump into it. there are a lot of feelings balled up between the two of you, and it’s not a light switch you can turn off when you decide you want to be one of his bro’s. i suggest ending on good terms. get a clean break and figure out your head. when you think you’re ready to open up a line of communication, give it another month or two. then you’ll actually be ready. (i know this is so much easier said than done, but be that little warrior prince(ss) that we all know you can be. shut up talkin’ to them.)
– if he was ever questionably unkind to you- especially toward the end, don’t keep that door open. shut it down. this should go without saying, but you’d be surprised.
– this goes hand in hand, but the nature of the break up is obviously a variable in whether or not y’all can be friends.
– see if you can understand why, exactly, you’re so hellbent on remaining friends with an ex. that’s a rough role to voluntarily take on, one that shouldn’t seem so glaringly pleasant. don’t do it for the wrong reasons. there are a plethora of reasons that you (or they) want to be friends. they miss you, you’re a comfort to them, maybe you’re not over them, you’re keeping a door open, you don’t have any other options at the moment, you’re bored, they really truly want to be your friend, DATING CAN SUCK and they didn’t realize this until they’re off the market, and the list is infinite. the thing is, a lot of these things are subconscious and you don’t really realize the genesis of this desire until you really parse it out. do that and get back to me. 

– what kind of “friend” are you trying to be to them, exactly? like, is he going to be one of your homegirls now? (he’s not invited to girls night, by the way) are you going to dole out dating advice to this guy? is it strictly platonic and surface based? what are you wanting here?
– be careful about the doors you leave open. i mean that. be careful about the people you let into your life and then the people you keep in your life. they could be good people, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you or for your evolution- know what i’m saying?
– just because you guys broke up doesn’t mean he’s excommunicated from your world, but be super cognizant of what you’re doing. i can’t really articulate all the emotions at play here and how those dumb dumb puppies are manipulating your judgement and behavior. when you break up with someone, you’re emotions are flying off the Richter scale and no one is going to feel those consequences more than you and that other person (and probably me now, since i’m doling out these gems). 

– understand that the they will become something different for you. they can’t be your “person” anymore. draw that line. i’ll go out on a limb here and say that you guys will probably never be best friends.
– i don’t think it’s totally ludicrous to lay down the law and be insanely open about what you’re anticipating here. i take friendship very seriously, and would never intentionally ruin something so significant lackadaisically. but even i have, and it because of this exact thing. you don’t want this “friendship” plan to backfire and ruin all dignity and positive feelings you both shared. you could have had the most beautiful relationship, but what sticks out the most could be the terrible way it ended because of poor judgement and insight on you part. to just blindly walk into it, hope for the best,  and use the “naive” card is insanely careless. don’t do that. 
– make sure they even want to be friends with you in return. sometimes a break up between 2 people can be internalized and handled differently by both parties. don’t push it.
– when you do start to date someone else or they do (because you both will), how do you really think this will shake down now that y’all are friends? anticipate that. more than anything, anticipate that. how will your friendship change? how will your new slam piece swallow this scenario?
– honestly, be careful about the advice you absorb and accept about your personal relationships. you’ll either wish you had listened or wish you hadn’t. this is around the time that your friends can make it a lot clearer or messier. ugh. this is so complicated.

…tread lightly. i’m already getting mild anxiety for you about this.

q. because i know you, i know you have around 8 lbs of nail polish. favorites? go-to’s?
a. it’s true.. i have a very, very, very stupid amount of nail polish that i’ve acquired over the years. OPI and Essie come out with more colors than i can keep up with…but trust me, i try to. if this is my biggest vice, i think i could be doing a whole lot worse.
in my honest opinion, the act of putting on nail polish is insanely cathartic and the change of color can alter my mood.
like most mothers and fathers feel but hate to admit, i favor some of my babies more than others.
here’s a list of my go-to’s:
bright red- Butter “come to bed red”
dark red- Essie “macks” (hi, mack)
dark- Essie “sole mate”. Always.
fun- Essie “sittin pretty” or Essie “butler please”
every day (my #1 go to)- Essie “marshmallow”

q. do you have a job? i don’t get it.
it shocks me too, but i’m not able to maintain any type of existence in Atlanta by simply eating fish tacos and being incredibly witty (….).  i’m actually quite glad i can clear this up, because comments like this make no sense to me. i know that these questions come to me because i don’t talk about my job on here, but would you? this is a creative outlet. an escape route. a breath of fresh air. the cigarette break. i do have a job, but i don’t think i’m comfortable talking about it on folly. i also just don’t find it relevant to this space, they’re completely separate and unrelated. however, i do work full time in Atlanta and i also volunteer as the program director for a sleep away summer camp. i’m always working and i take my work very seriously. the infamous “work-life” balance is a tough one to juggle, but i think i manage it pretty well. having folly helps with the “fun” part. so when it comes time to enjoy the finer things in life, i do. and then i write about it. 

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Moment of Silence, Please.

I woke up this morning and my car got booted.
I had to pay that man copious amounts of cash to take said boot off (or was i paying him to have put it on previously?)
On the way to work, I spilled the majority of my coffee all over the front of my blouse. Which was white. Which I couldn’t wear.
After that, things began to look up. it’s close to Friday- I can hold my breath until then.
This is all manageable.

THIS  information bomb traveled through my brain and obliterated all my hopes and dreams.
In related news:
– know that i know this is a first world problem and i’ll (most likely) make it through this.
– what are all of the side effects of listeria because this could explain a lot of things that I choose to blame on something that I call (and maybe made up?) the “lunar pull”.


For my 60th post, I figured I’d give something back to the insane clown posse that actually reads this mess.
As expected, it’s gonna be a cocktail recipe.
Folly Margotstein // Deep End

A Little Cocktail History (dates as far back as last Saturday):
My homegirl Brooke just recently hit the Craigslist jackpot and landed an incredible place smack in the sweet spot of the belt line. The B-spot, if you will. Through many long discussions about the exciting adventure that’s ahead for both of us in her new move (I inserted myself into this scenario as soon as humanly possible), we landed on naming her new haven The Deep End. Don’t worry about how we got there- just go with it. 

Because Brooke has a killer roof and lives actual spitting distance from KSM, our weekends throughout this entire summer are pretty much all mapped out for us: Sundresses. Bikes. Tacos. Tequila. Rooftop. Sunburn. Tequila. Ceviche. Jeni’s Ice Cream. You get it.

Since it was about 8,000 degrees and blindingly sunny last Saturday, we figured we might as well get down to business. AKA- go to Superica and gossip. Once we were full from our meals and my back was completely sunburned, we trekked back to the house and crafted up something delicious.

*the cocktail concept spawned from something I saw on my friend Cara’s addictive and wonderful blog about a week ago. We swapped her gin for our tequila and tinkered with the amounts slightly. After sipping on it a bit, we deemed it the official drink for these Deep End weekends- which is exactly where it got its name. Be careful- this drink is not shy and will definitely sneak up on you when you least expect it.  Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

2.5 oz tequila
1.5 oz St. Germain
4 oz grapefruit juice
splash of tangerine juice (optional, but give in to the peer pressure)
a bit of ice (some to shake, some in the glass)

shake, strain, serve over ice.
lovely doing sixty posts with you, Cheers. 

Playlist Eleven

While I was absent on Folly, I was definitely not absent on Spotify. It shows.

The past month or two have been filled with amazing album releases, so it was inevitable that some new tracks would make the cut. Some oldies popped in there too, however.

Click here for Spotify Playlist Eleven

Don’t Wanna Fight- Alabama Shakes
King Kunta- Kendrick Lamar
Heart is a Drum- Beck
Energy- Drake
What Kind of Man- Florence + The Machine
The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt- Father John Misty  listen to the lyrics. 
Back in the Tall Grass- Future Islands
Old Thing Back- Matoma ft Biggie, Ralph Tresvant, Ja Rule
Broken Glass- Tomas Barfod
The River- Son Little
EarthEE- THEESatisfaction
True Affection- Father John Misty
Ditty- Paperboy thanks, c. 
It’s Tricky- RUN DMC
Light House- Future Islands
Better Man- Leon Bridges
Without You- Tobias Jesso Jr
Brownlow- Lapsley
I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty
Color Decay- Júníus Meyvant
Future People- Alabama Shakes
Missing You- Betty Who
St. Jude- Florence + The Machine
Balance- Future Islands
AM//Radio- Earl Sweatshirt
Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches- Son Little
Not Real- Stealing Sheep
The Wait- Tobias Jesso Jr
Lost Kitten- Metric this is a repeat but i still love it so much. 
25 Bucks- Danny Brown ft Purity Rings
You Don’t Own Me- Grace ft G-Easy
Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)- Father John Misty
Still- The Japanese House
Sunshine on My Back- The National
Run Baby Run- Tori y Moi
Dreaming About You- Betty Who ugh, summer. come to me. 

Use responsibly.

Just Let Me Vent.

I have no agenda for this one. I didn’t ever plan to write it…but I sat down and it kind of wrote itself. It might not make sense, it might be tangential, and it might not be relatable to you. If it is, I can’t imagine that it will help…but it could.
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
The first time it happened, I was walking in an airport. After grabbing a plethora of overpriced airport snacks and terrible magazines, I made the trek down a terminal to get to my gate. This is when it slowly set in for the very first time. For me, panic attacks always start the same way. Out of no where, nothing around me seems familiar and I’m suddenly overcome with fear. Since this was something that had never happened to me before, I was immediately terrified. I really thought I had been drugged. My heart was pounding and I was having a hard time remaining conscious. I could feel my vision getting darker and I could feel all the blood leaving my face. I just tried to focus on walking and keeping attention off of me. I wanted to say something or have someone help me, but in that moment I knew I just needed to get to my gate. I knew my gate number, so I just focused on keeping my breathing slow so that I wouldn’t hyperventilate. With the slow breathing, my vision started to get clearer and I was able to find a seat. Still totally disoriented and disassociating from reality, I immediately called my brother, put my head between my legs and kind of had a melt down. Within about 10 minutes, it was completely gone.

It’s quite common in panic attacks, but this idea of disassociating or derealization is the most terrifying sensation to go through when you aren’t expecting it. Disassociation can be a different experience to different people, but for me, I begin to feel like I’m completely out of touch with reality. Nothing will seem real and I’ll get this feeling like something absolutely terrible is going to happen. It’s like a dream state, but a lot “heavier”, if that makes sense. It’s hard to articulate. It’s not an out of body experience, though some people can have those as well. I just feel very alone and out of touch- but there’s this feeling that I can’t shake that there’s something that I should be incredibly fearful of (paranoia might be the best word). This is when my body goes into panic mode. I have to reiterate that it’s my body going into panic mode, not my mind. At this point I feel afraid and disoriented, but I should be able to control how my body reacts, which I can’t. In attacks following this one, I tried to become cognizant of what was going on. Once I feel the onset of the attack, I immediately try to calm down. I’m not as afraid of the derealization anymore, but my body reacts regardless- my body is doing it’s own thing. All my flight or fight reflexes are activated. My heart pounds, I’m dizzy, I shake, I can’t breath too steadily, etc. I remember reaching for my phone to call my brother and wondering if I’d be able to even feel the phone or believe that it was really him on the other line. What feels like hours of this is really only about 10-15 minutes.

I’ve heard that once you’ve had a panic attack, the likelihood that you’ll experience another becomes even greater. In other words, I now have a higher likelihood of having a panic attack than someone who’s never had one before in their life.

For me, I’ve never been able to pinpoint a trigger for any of the events. You’d think it would be from something stressful or something is causing me a lot of anxiety, but that’s never the case.

They’ll happen whenever without warning. The second time it happened, I was on a date (having a great time, by the way). The third, I was in the shower. On the date, I slowly started to feel like I was in a dream and I started to get really hot. It really felt like my insides were on fire, that I do remember. I had that feeling of absolute terror follow immediately after (which was really just my body doing its fight or flight BS). My date (it was C) was chatting it up with the chef (of course we were at EMSM) and I was having this full blown internal panic attack- trying to maintain composure. Inside my head though, I was completely out of it. I knew where we “were”, but absolutely nothing felt familiar or real. With my vision getting darker and my breathing getting constricted, I didn’t think I’d be able to get off of the barstool and make it to the bathroom without fainting, but I drank a bit of cold water and whispered to C that I was going to use the rest room. I remember having to feel for the door because I couldn’t see in front of me. I stood in the bathroom sink and put cold water on my pressure points (neck and wrists) and just took some slow and deep breaths, slowly working through what was happening. Over my dead body was I going to be found by Jarrett and Cody passed out in the bathroom at Gato Bizco. I’d never get to the next date. I decided to try to become as aware as possible about what I was feeling and experiencing, which let me look at it in a different way than just ruminating on how scared I felt. I walked back to the bar and chugged the rest of my water. I immediately told C exactly what happened. I figured that if I had to experience this terrifying event, my date did too. Somehow he’s stuck around after that.

Since then, I’ve gotten better at recognizing the onset and calming my mind down while my body freaks out. The shower incident, then, was less scary. Lately I’ve felt the disassociation set on but then dissipate- only lasting a few seconds, followed by nothing. I just slow my breathing for a second and focus on my surroundings.

The funny this is, I feel like I used to threaten to have a panic attack all the time. I used to say “oh my god I’m gonna have a panic attack” or “oh my god I’m so anxious I could puke”, but THEN IT HAPPENED. I now realize that I really need to stop saying, “you are about to give me an aneurysm” before I actually…have an aneurysm. It’s no surprise to me that these fun little ‘tacks began when I was 24. Being an adult is the pits. This sentiment (along with the previous one) might be a bit juvenile, but it’s always the scariest things that you have to completely face head on, alone. When we were younger, it seemed like our parents could fix or mollify everything. Nothing that scared us or made us anxious was ours to deal with by ourselves. It’s the things like this that they can’t help or we can’t help that scare me the most. I can’t call my mom and tell her to take it away. My brothers can’t beat anyone up about this. It’s something I have no control over, and can’t really prep for, so it’s no wonder it’s my biggest fear. It’s kind of funny, really. Control and scheduling are my two biggest vices. I’m certain that, in the span of my entire life, I will encounter another terrible panic attack or something totally different that shakes me deeply. There’s no resolution for that last sentence. No “but”. I know it’ll happen and I know I’ll freak out. I might even overdramatize it and write a witty post about it. I promise to make it funny—let’s just hope it’s worth it.

Future material will be more uplifting. Bye, kweens.



Hi. Ok, hush. It’s been a while. It’s been hectic, I’ve been busy. This has become more of a thing for me, which isn’t intentional, but just happens. As someone with Chronic “Yes” Syndrome, the tasks/dates/projects/deadlines keep popping up and little outlets like, well, you, seem to slip through the cracks. Sue me. Any sliver of time that I’m not at work, I’m working on other projects or trying to resuscitate my social life.When did being an adult get so…adulty? In the off chance that those things are temporarily mollified, I’ve found myself being consumed by Workaholics and consuming copious amounts of popcorn.

Beyond the universal “work stress” that we’re all infected with, I can’t complain. The weather is getting beautiful, new restaurants are popping up DAILY, and I think I’ve had some of the best oysters of my life over the past few weeks (at Kimball House, duh. THOSE BONITAS). The last time we’ve conversed, March was just a figment of my imagination. Now it’s nearly done. This is going to be a long’un. But let me catch you up.

March 1st’s Eat Me Speak Me was one of the most packed, exciting, and delicious EMSM’s I’ve ever attended. As usual, the food was DOPE and it blew everyone’s mind. The drinks, however, were on a completely different level than the average Speak Me. Instead of the usual 4-5 options you’re provided on any given Sunday, Cody and Lopez offered 12 completely different selections: 1 for each of D’Angelo’s tracks on his Black Messiah album. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the 1,000 Deaths was the drink that came in the Martinelli’s apple juice bottle that (unbeknownst to me) is intended to be shared. Oops. Just a little sample of what you missed: alcoholic avocado smoothies (everyones favorite), spiked marshmallows and amaro in shot glasses, oversized caviar-like capsules that melt into a little treat when you pop them in your mouth. People couldn’t get enough. The line went out the kitchen, and through 2 rooms- almost out the front door. People would snag a drink then go directly to the back of the line to do it all over again. Delicious drinks, all of the best people. I can’t wait for Ampersand to do it again.
EMSM Menu Ampersand EMSMAnd I’m not saying any of that because I may be biased.

Concerts have always been a very precious past time for me. I’ll always stand behind the thought that it’s insanely important to see bands whenever you get a chance. I have a very hard time justifying not attending a concert- which is why I’m literally switching tabs between this post and gchat where Barefoot and I are trying to coordinate our concert schedules for the next few months. This month (actually it was Feb 26th- I can’t lie to you), however, was a night I don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon. Sam Herring, lead singer of Future Islands, has to be one of the best performers I’ve seen in a very, very long time. The music is incredible, but he is truly remarkable. The amount of emotion and energy he puts into every show is kind of superhuman- it’s no wonder that every inch of his body was absolutely drenched in sweat. During the show, I remember wondering what it would be like to have him at a dinner party. I don’t know. I’m having a hard time articulating it- you just had to be there.

If you somehow missed his performance on Letterman, I’ll leave that right here…

We also caught TEEN and Will Butler at The Earl the other weekend, which was trullllly fantastic. Both are worth checking out for sure.

The other night we met up with some friends to see Father John Misty- one of my personal favorites at the moment. From the moment that he walked out on stage during I Love You, Honeybear, it was all over for me. All of the girls ovaries exploded. All the men promptly grew ovaries and had them explode in tandem with ours. If he’s coming to your hood, get your tickets and wear a diaper. A. You may pee your pants in excitement and/or B. You wont want to leave the show for ANYTHING once it starts.
Father John MistyThere are a handful of great shows coming up soon, which I’m hoping to squeeze myself into. Run the Jewels, THEESatisfaction, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and James Blake are some among many.

Standing Dinner Dates are something that I fully endorse. While we’re still working on a  witty title for said dates, a girlfriend of mine and I meet up once a week to strike through a long list of Atlanta dinner/drink spots we’ve been dying to try. Because our brains had- at one point- definitely been fused together, we both longed to craft a color coded checklist in the form of a shareable GoogleDoc. In said Doc, our hot spots are organized by neighborhood and price so we can, each week, see where we want to go and what we’re willing to spend before picking the next location. Nothing feels better than the inevitable “strikethrough” on the Doc as we’re signing checks. At this point, we’ve tried Superica, Holy Taco, Takorea, and Bone Garden. There’s a running theme thus far, which is that she’s hellbent on having me fall in love with tequila. It’s kind of working, but never mezcal. Superica’s ceviche is insane, Bone Garden has amazing tacos, Takoreas taco and wine deals are perfect, and Holy Taco’s drinks and seafood are absolutely wonderful. We’ve yet to hit a fail. 2/4 have ended in Jeni’s Ice Cream- so I’ve always left happy.

Other dates over the past few weeks have lead me to some honorable mentions such as:
– Cockentrice, Boccolupo, Luminary (for drinks), Thai 5, Midway, Bantam Pub, Yalla, and Kimball House (of course). By the way- try to get me to stop swooning over KH. Their new cocktail, Monkey Business is my new jam. They use a centrifuge!!!! Once the Death and Co left, I had a hard time coping. This cocktail helps.

Weekend Getaway to Charleston. Oh my goodness. I just came back from one of THE most amazing trips-I have to brag about it. C and I decided to hop out of Atlanta for the weekend and drove (he drove, I’m the worst) the 5+ hours to Charleston to spend two days- one night. Between Saturday at 5pm to Sunday around 5pm, C and I managed to knock out 9/10 of Charleston’s best restaurants. Here’s the trick: have a local craft you the perfect list of all the best places to try. Commit to each of them and grab JUST 1 drink and 1 appetizer or plate at all of them. Don’t stop moving, don’t tank up. If you’re headed to Charleston, consider this list your commandments:
Nick's List for CharlestonThis list is so on point, and I have to thank Nick from High Wire Distilling for drafting it. I also have to thank him for letting us slink into the distillery 15 minutes before closing so we could have whiskey and gin samples as appetizers before dining. Their sorghum whiskey smells like banana nut bread and is so so smooth- I’ve had dreams about it. I wont give you a play by play, but here are my notes:
Xiao Bao Biscuit might take the cake as one of my very favorite restaurants. Like, in all of the land. The bartender was incredibly charming, crafted one of the best tequila cocktails I’ve ever had, and introduced us to the Okonomiyaki. Holy balls- I’ll never be the same. It’s a cabbage pancake, but honestly— that doesn’t really describe it at all. Google it. At XBB, you’re supposed to order it “all the way”,which means there’s an egg and all of these meats on top, but I preferred to ask for it “full throttle” (same results). GO THERE.
Warehouse was the PERFECT spot for us to grab brunch with friends in the area. We each got like 3 dishes, so it was a perfect feast- to say the least.
The Belmont on King Street. I don’t mean to be a downer, but this place really rubbed me the wrong way. It could have been an off night, but the bouncer was incredibly rude and short with us. I’d love to give it another shot, but I’m not sure I’d find it worth it on my next trip up. I had heard great things from almost everyone, and we were so excited when we arrived- but were incredibly let down.
Saint Alban We only had a few minutes to pop in for a cup off coffee, but we were immediately sold. If we had had just a little more time in Charleston, I’m sure we would have spent it playing the Elevate app while sipping on coffee and eating pastries here. On the top of my list.
Angel Oak– Rooted in Johns Island a little ways away from Charleston, this tree called Angel Oak has stood and grown for somewhere between 400-1400 years. When C told me about this tree we were gonna check out, I made a point NOT to google it or look up pictures of it so that I wouldn’t know what I was walking into on Sunday morning. To be really melodramatic about it, it’s a little too overwhelming to wrap your head around when you first walk into it.Angel OakTo have been around 400 years ago, it’s insane to imagine all that this tree has survived and existed during- let alone if it’s been around for longer. It’s like a really regal matriarch, or someone with a ton of street cred. At some parts, the limbs are so long and heavy that some actually go underneath the ground and then come up again. It’s the most climbable tree I’ve ever seen, but there were too many adults and signs around shunning me from all the fun. C and I stayed for about an hour but could have stayed for much longer.
Angel Oak 2After Angel Oak, we ventured back into Charleston to grab a bite at Gin Joint before hitting the road and sadly kissing Charleston goodbye. Charleston, we’ll be back soon. You were delicious.

I’ve been slacking on those Q+A’s, though they’re still coming. Here’s one for good measure:
Q. Outside of your spotify playlists, what artists or albums do you constantly listen to?
A. I love this question. On my playlists, it’s really the “new” music I’ve been listening too. I rarely repeat artists. There are, however, bands or albums that I’ll continually listen to whenever the moment strikes. Without fail, I’ll throw these on:
– Anything Three Six Mafia- Since I hail from Memphis, listening to Three 6 gives me this very soothing and comfortable feeling. The gentleman of Three 6 Mafia are the lullaby crooners of my youth. That sounds disturbing, but it’s not…completely.
– Little Dragon
– Alabama Shakes
OLD Nicki Minaj
– Autre Ne Veut
– Arctic Monkeys
– Betty Who
– I know I’m forgetting some.

Cool read, if you have a minute.

I promise I’ll be updating on here more! I just want to make you happy!